About The Designer






Gena Page is the fiery force behind her brand of hand-crafted jewelry.  Born and raised in Chicago she moved to Cleveland with her husband and twin boys in 2006 where she still resides today.  Before becoming a professional jewelry designer, Gena expressed her creative passion working as an Arts and Crafts Director at a summer camp in Lake Forest, Illinois.  She spent three incredible summers living in Chicago and working at camp while her twin boys attended. 

Every year the camp hosts an event to raise money for an organization called SCOPE, which stands for Summer Camp Opportunities to Promote Education. The organization raises money to provide summer camp to all children, regardless of socio-economic background. In 2012, Gena coordinated a camp wide activity where all of the campers beaded bracelets that were to be sold at the annual event.  She had so much fun creating bracelets, that she began to frequent a local bead shop in Highland Park on her time off.  Between the shop and the internet, she started learning about gemstones, metals, artisan beads and slowly began designing her own style and creations of bracelets. Typical of Gena’s personality, once she becomes passionate about something creative, she gets hyper focused and can’t stop generating ideas.

When summer ended, Gena, her family, and a lot of beads drove back to Cleveland. On that drive home, she spoke to a friend about her summer and her new found passion. She was immediately invited by her friend to sell her gemstone bracelets at a fundraiser in Cleveland called Artsysm which supports Autism Speaks. The success of her sales at that event motivated her to launch her new found business-- Gena Page Designs. 

Gena's role model has always been her mother. Both have an advertising background,  a strong work ethic and a creative soul.  Developing and growing her line of jewelry became natural.  Each piece is carefully created with a piercing attention to detail. 


After eight years of designing jewelry, Gena has become very connected with her loyal customers and loves meeting new ones. She enjoys learning about her customers in order to understand who they are and their individual style.  She believes when you put on a piece of  jewelry it needs to instantly spark a positive feeling.  There is no doubt that jewelry can make women feel pretty, but even more so, it can express an attitude of self-confidence illuminating positive energy into the world. 

Gena Page Designs jewelry can be worn independently, or like today’s current fashion trends, layered in a multitude of ways. She loves mixing her newer pieces with her older ones, and even better, incorporating with other jewelry designers. Individuals have their own style. It’s important to Gena to understand how each of her customers expressive themselves. Not only is designing a passion, but styling for an individual is icing on the cake for her.  Like most everything else, styling, especially layering, is a process.  She welcomes the challenge and immensely enjoys it.

With encouragement from her husband, sons, family and friends, Gena is excited to progress her dream from 2012 to the next level in this upcoming decade.